About TestingTestosterone.com

What's our mission? To educate people on testosterone facts & get people testing for low testosterone

Simple as that!

TestingTestosterone.com was established in 2014 after seeing a real need for better understanding on the subject of testosterone in men and women.

There are many misconceptions out there on low testosterone, testosterone symptoms and testosterone therapy. We wanted to clear these up.... so we created a friendly place where regular people can come and learn about the basics of testosterone and do self-assessment tests for low testosterone.

Call it a one-stop-shop for information on testosterone, symptoms of low testosterone and information on how it affects men and women.

1000's of people out there sit at home and wonder if their daily struggles are down to hormone deficiencies like low testosterone. Most of the time they don't want to go to their doctor about symptoms and worries, after all it could be nothing and it is a sensitive subject to talk about.

We absolutely do suggest going to the doctor with any worries that you have about your health - that is why we have doctors! It doesn't hurt, however, to go armed with your own knowledge and research on the subject.

This is where we love to help - our site gives you the basic information that you need on the subject of testosterone and low testosterone symptoms. Our self-assessment test goes one step further and gives you personal indications on how low your testosterone levels could be. After the test is completed, we also offer some advice on what to do. Taking these results to your doctor can help them make a more accurate diagnosis. Ask your doctor to test for "free" and "total" testosterone as well as doing a full body check-up and ordering some general blood work to make sure you do not have any other underlying health issues. A combination of blood test results and self assessment results can help you and your doctor map out a suitable course of testosterone replacement therapy - if needed.

Feel free to contact us as [email protected] if you have any questions on testosterone!