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Men and women need good testosterone levels to lead a normal, healthy, sexually healthy and active lifestyle. We’re not talking about weight training or become a nymphomaniac; we are simply talking about having a “medium” level of libido, being able to feel aroused, get intimate with your partner and climax at the end.

There are many forms of sexual dysfunction and low testosterone is one of them. To understand if you have low testosterone you need to understand what testosterone is, how testosterone affects your mind and body, what levels of testosterone are normal and what you can do about improving them.

Testosterone does not just affect your sex life and libido. Testosterone, along with Estrogen and Progesterone, keep your body hormonally balanced. Without that balance you can feel your life spiral into chaos.

Overreacting? We don’t think so. Testosterone levels affect you moods and body as well as your libido. Depression, anxiety, general lack of motivation, low muscle mass and weak bones are all signs of having insufficient testosterone levels.

The best way to find out if testosterone is the cause of your troubles is by taking a low testosterone test. Testing for low testosterone online is quick and easy. A simple quiz can help you understand your symptoms better….. Then of course, it’s off to the doctor for a full blood test and possible testosterone therapy treatment. You may find that you don’t need it though. Sometimes more natural solutions, like diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, may be enough to raise your levels without having to take testosterone replacement therapy.